Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tea Day Programme 2011

This year the Tea Day Programme was held on10thDecember 2011 at Setik Centre, Hatton with the participation of about 500 plantation workers from the three districts. The whole programme was conducted under the theme of “Let us Amalgamate the Estate Sector with Government Sector”. One of the main topics discussed was to increase the number of Divisional Secretariats to nine so that greater services are provided to the communities in the plantations. Mr. Wijaya Chandran, a lecturer attached to Peradeniya University provided some thoughts on this matter. This occasion was made use of to submit a memorandum on this to Mr. Rajadurai, a Member of Parliament who was invited as the chief guest. The director of ‘SETIK’ organization Rev. Father Camillus Jansz, the members of the staff and some government officers were also present at this occasion.
Mr. Rajadurai, The Hon. Member of Parliament, agreed to place the memorandum before the sub Committee in Parliament. It is hoped that the government would act upon this matter expeditiously.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Commemoration of Inter National Children’s Day 2011

The Inter National Children’s Day was commemorated on the 01st of October 2011 with the co-ordination and co-operation of the children’s unit of the ‘SETIK’ organization. A special talk was delivered by Dr. Saman Gamage under the theme “Let us protect the children with love and affection.”

This talk was followed by a discussion on the problems faced by children, parental duties and responsibilities towards their children. There were over 250 participants that included parents, children and government officers.

The children displayed their talents through a cultural event. Judging from the views expressed by the participants it was evident that they were able to gain a good understanding of their duties and responsibilities as parents.

Commemoration of International Youth Day 2011

The International Youth Day was organized on 24th September 2011 at the ‘SETIK’ Auditorium, Kandy. Over 300 members from youth organizations in the rural and plantation areas in the Central Province attended this programme. Much attention was drawn to the dignity, equality, openness, duties and responsibilities of youth.
Rev. Fr. Camillus Jansz, Director of ‘SETIK’ Organization and Director Migrant’s Commission, Rev. Fr. Roy Clarence, who were present at this programme also expressed their views. The programme was followed by a cultural event.

Commemoration of Universal Human Rights Day 2011

Universal Human Rights Day which falls on the 10th December, was celebrated on the 8th of December 2011 at the ‘SETIK’ Auditorium Kandy, under the theme “Let us promote a society which respects and upholds Human dignity.”

This programmes included some special talks followed by discussions, dialogues and a video presentation. Over 500 participants belong to Tamil and Sinhala Communities were present.
The Chief Guest was Rt. Rev. Dr. Vianney Fernando, the Bishop of Kandy. Buddhist, Hindu and Catholic religious dignitaries, Kandy District Secretary, Government officers, Assistant Superintendent of Police-Kandy and the Co-ordinator of Human Rights Commission-Kandy were among the guests.
This was immensely beneficial in generating greater understanding between the community and Government officers who have the decision making power. Our Human Rights Unit conducted this programme.