Saturday, August 14, 2010

Environmental Exhibition

An exhibition organized by the ‘SETIK’ on the above, was held at the ‘Wahacotte Church’ ground on the 19th & 20th of June 2010, during the annual church feast.

The Youth, Human Rights and the Migrants’ unites of our organization were arrange an exhibition on the following objectives.

Youth Unit - Springs and their environmental significance in the Central Province.

Human Rights Unit - Let us protect the rights of the women.

Migrants’ Unit - Safe Migration

A massive crowd gathered for the annual church feast and the service. People showed a keen interest to view these exhibition stalls and a fair knowledge about ‘SETIK organization’.

Community Development Training Course

CRS project of Caritas Kandy (SETIK) organized and conducted Six (06) workshops as series of Community Development Training Course to mobilize target people of Karagastenna and Owala Estates in Matale district successfully. We were able to train them as trainers of training through different subject matters. In the process, CRS team of the SETIK, fully involved in coordination and contributed financially.

The following subject matters were discussed to enlighten their knowledge:

* Community Leadership and qualities of leaders

* Organic agriculture, home gardening and animal husbandry
- Practical training
* History of Community Development and its development
- Fundamentals of community development
- Duties and responsibilities of community societies
* Human Rights and its concepts
- Development of Human Rights and its categories
- Civil rights
* Disaster Management
- Community and technology
* Positive thinking
- Mental and health development
- Identification of community issues, Data collection updating
We have gathered the above subject matters of Community Development as a course to enhance knowledge and understanding of rural and plantation sector community. It was really helped a lot to them. We concluded this series of workshops on 09th May 2010 as its last training workshop. The certificate award ceremony was held on 15th May 2010 by Rev. Fr. George Sigamoney, the National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka, Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, the Director of Caritas Kandy (SETIK), Rev. Fr. Roy Clarence, the Director of Catholic Commission for Migrants, Rev. Fathers of Kandy Diocese, Rev. Sisters and other invitees were present at this ceremony. Also over 350 SETIK beneficiaries were participated this significant event as representatives of the rural and plantation sectors.