Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CRS Programme Successfully Completed

The “SET” Project implemented targeting the people of Gammaduwa & Hangarankanda estates in the Matale District of the diocese of Kandy was concluded on the 30th of November 2011. (Duration one year)
Under this project, ten dilapidated line rooms which are over Hundred years old, were renovated. Toilets were also renovated to improve the health and sanitation of the community. Now, they lead a dignified life after the restoration of their line rooms. This project was accomplished with the financial assistance and guidance of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) under the direction and supervision of the “Caritas Kandy (SETIK)”.In addition to above, programmes on Leadership Training, Personality Development, Health & Sanitation and Human Rights were also conducted to enlighten the community.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


During the past, we provided Counselling services to the victims in various levels in the Central Province, as per the complaints received by Human Rights, Eradication of Child Labour and Migrants' units of our organization. Counselling services were provided continuously to those who were suffering from mental depression in the rural and plantation areas in the Central Province, under the counselling programmes implemented by various units in our organization. We felt the urgent need of a permanent centre for counselling services. With this intention, we commenced a permanent counselling centre affiliated to Psycho-social counselling programme.

Accordingly, a new counselling centre under the name of 'Sahan Sevana' was declared open by Very Rev. Fr. Milroy Fonseka, the Vicar General of the Diocese, on 03rd of May 2011. On this occasion, Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, the Director-SETIK, explained the objectives and the need of this centre. Dr. Saman Gamage of the Mental Health unit of the Katugastota Hospital who participated at our opening ceremony, promised to extend the services of this unit to our counselling centre.

Medical Officer of Katugastota Mental Health Resource Centre, four medical officers attached to Teaching hospital, Kandy & Peradeniya were also present on this occasion.

This counselling centre is being operated by our organization, and these services are rendered by a group of experienced and trained counsellors.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Regional Representative’s Visit

On 04th March 2011, a CRS team consisting of Regional representative for Asia, Europe/ Middle East – Ms. Megan Sheehan and CRS Sri Lanka Finance Staff-Mr. John, visited SETIK and had a discussion with Rev. Fr. Director, CRS Team and Migrants’ unit staff in the Morning.

In the afternoon, Ms. Megan, Mr. John and CRS team visited Owala to review the progress of the project implemented last year. During this visit Ms. Megan was able to meet the community and see the changes of the life of people after the implementation of this project.

Further, they also inspected the erection; they also drew their attention to the activities that are being taken place at present, and about the future expectations of the parents and children. The people were very happy about the presence of this team. This can be described as a good opportunity to the team to evaluate the CRS programme and the activities carried out by the SETIK Organization.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Victimized People of Central Province by Torrential Rain and Landslides

Torrential rain is devastating the central region of our country from the dawn of the New Year. Hundreds of deaths, destruction of several billion worth of residencies and crops were completely destroyed due to this calamity.

Landslides occurred in Kandy, Matale and Nuwara Eliya districts with irreparable loss to lives and properties. Over hundred thousands trees were uprooted. Roads and crops were damaged and most areas especially paddy fields were still under water. Most of the low lying areas are still inundated by floods. As a result, thousands of people had to displace from their dwellings.

Seven people lost their lives and seven houses were completely damaged due to a landslide with a huge rock at Rajasinghe Mawatha, Gatambe-Kandy. As a result of this landslide, 17 people were displaced and they were referred to Gatambe Pansala and from there they were transferred to Municipal Community Centre. Our organization provided cooked food, medicines, mats, pillows and blankets on the 11th of January 2011.

So many villages at Kandalama area in Dambulla were inundated by major flood. 100 people at Atuparayaya village at Dambulla and 65 people at Velihena in Palwehera were displaced due to flood. They were temporarily settled in the Atuparayaya Viharasthanaya. Our organization distributed cooked food among these displaced people. Rev. Fr. Desmond, Parish Priest of St. Anthony’s Church, Rotawewa and Rev. Nayaka Thero of Etawarahena Viharasthanaya contributed for this meritorious at.

59 Families were removed from the risk area of Haatale upper division in Panwila Divisional Secretary’s area and temporarily settled down at Tamil Vidyalaya. They were provided with cooked food by ‘SETIK’ organization. Rev. Fr. Christy Paul’s contribution was also received for this meritorious act.

A large number of houses have been damaged at Punchi Rattota, Maussagolla and Bodhikotuwa in the Divisional Secretary’s area of Rattota in Matale District due to torrential rain.About 75 families have been received instructions from Building Research Institute to vacate their homes, where they had been living for generations. Dried rations were distributed among 58 families on 18th January 2011 by Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, Director, ‘SETIK’ organization. The Divisional Secretary of Rattota and her staff rendered their fullest cooperation on this occasion. Rev. Fr. Roshan Almeda, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church Rattota was also present for this occasion.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Change of Life to the People of Karagastenna

Karagastenna is a very remote estate located within the Divisional Secretariat area of Pallegama in the Matale District. To reach this estate we will have to travel about 14 miles from the Rattota-Gammaduwa junction through a more difficult sub road, where there is not a single house visible to our sight on both sides of this sub road. Grama Seva Officer is the only government officer who often visits this area from the village of Puwakpitiya. Though there is a primary school, it does not have any facilities. The line rooms at this estate are hundred years of old and were in a very dilapidated condition. The occupants due to fear, do not sleep in these rooms; instead they use to sleep in their kitchens, as the roofs and walls were on the verge of collapse. As there were only one or two useable toilets for the whole families, they use to go to the jungle to answer the calls of nature. Even the environment was unhygienic and untidy. They did not have pure water to drink. They had been using water contaminated with germs and their children had been suffering from various epidemic diseases; Diarrhoea and skin diseases.
However, as the estate had been closed down for nearly 1 ½ years, the number of families lived there had been reduced from 80 to 55. About 25 families had moved to some other places for employment. Now there are about 45 permanent families.
A vast change has been taken place in the lives of these people which could be described as physical and mental. After the entry of ‘SETIK’ and ‘CRS’ into this estate, in January 2009, these changes started to occur. Now, the reconstruction and rehabilitation work has been carried out at this estate after enlightening the community into various teams. The following repairs and construction work have been carried out now;
· The roofs of three dilapidated line rooms have been repaired.
· Damaged walls of two line rooms have been repaired.
· 45 Toilets have been constructed.
· Water pipe lines have been installed to these families.
As a result of the above services, they lead a peaceful life with self respect and mental happiness. Now, there is a great revival in their life and they are with smiling faces. We too are indeed happy to see their smiling faces by providing our services for their peaceful life.

Vesting of these three projects to the people was ceremonially held on the 28th of January 2011. The commemorative plaques of these projects were declared open by Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, the Director of ‘SETIK’ and Ms. Michelle Markey of CRS. Later, a meeting was held followed with an inspection of these projects. On this occasion the estate management has given an assurance to maintain these projects continuously. The Grama Seva Officer, Manager-Plantation, and the staff of ‘SETIK’ organization also took part on this occasion. This ceremony was held with the participation of all labourers of Karagastenna estate.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Resource Persons Day 2010

The ‘SETIK’ organization in Kandy Diocese, conducts the awareness programmes, training programmes, and educational programmes in grassroots’ level in the plantation and the rural areas. These are being conducted in district level in Kandy, Matale and Nuwara Eliya district and in the diocesan level.

Programmes (the following topics are covered)
· Participatory Development
· Community Organization and Leadership
· Protection of Rights (children’s, women’s, labourers’ and human rights)
· Vocational Training (women & youth)
· Eradication of Child Labour
· Protecting the Migrant Women who leave for Domestic Service
· Psychosocial Development
· Disaster Management
· Peace
· Protecting the environment
· Organic Farming – Organic Home Gardens
· Nutrition
· Health & Sanitation
· First Aid
· Resolving of Conflicts
· Positive Thinking
· Lenten Education
· Communication Skill Development

These programmes are conducted in Sinhala and Tamil mediums. For this purpose we have received the contribution of resource persons from the staff of our organization, universities, educational and vocational training institutes, ministry of education, department s of agriculture and animal husbandry, non-governmental organizations and freelance resource contributors.
In the past, we have not organized a friendly get-together of these resource persons. Therefore, in the year 2010, we celebrated the resource person’s day with the following objectives on the 27th of November 2010 at the SETIK auditorium, Kandy, which was presided over by the Director, Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz.

· Appreciating the, resource contribution provided through this organization for the grass root level communities in the plantation and rural areas in the Central Province.
· Discussing the organizations focus in forth coming year
· Discussing their anticipated services in the forthcoming year
· Building up the inter-connection among them as a training pool.

The following out put has been achieved through these programmes:
· Improving the cordial relationship and understanding between the organization and the resource persons
· Further improving the community development attitude of the resource persons
· Using the knowledge and merits of the resource persons, for the methodical improvement of the organization
· The resource persons who live among various ethnic groups in the central province get an opportunity to identify each other and to build up their cordial relationship. Thereby improving national integration and peace process.
· Expansion understanding between the government and non governmental organizations.

It has been decided to conduct this programme on the last Saturday of the month of November in every year and it was fixed for the 26th of November 2011.